Bob Vogel

I was born in Pasadena California in 1955. I started playing the guitar at age 12 and soon was a member of a band of young musicians who really loved playing music. We were not the only ones in our neighborhood who loved guitar though. I remember in particular a group with whom we shared this love for music and the typical dreams of youth; the brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen. I still can't believe that such famous musicians have come out of my own neighborhood.

Vogel - Guitars, is a team of people passionate about guitars.

Vogel Guitars Cia. Ltda. Is a company founded in 1995 by Bob Vogel guitarist, arranger, sound engineer, composer, American architect and founder of Tree Records, which was one of the best studied music in Ecuador.

Feeling the need to easily find fine guitars in the country, Vogel start the dream of creating a small factory guitars. It is next to Ecuador and with much effort and dedication artisans I start making electric guitars and basses gradually been increasing the range as guitars Folk Guitars Nylon, famous requintos fiber created in Vogel, guitars Custom Guitars Collection and famous guitars environmentally sustainable Bamboo Series.


"The sound of heaven, from the center of the world".