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"I was born in Pasadena California in 1955. I started playing the guitar at age 12 and soon was a member of a band of young musicians who really loved playing music. We were not the only ones in our neighborhood who loved guitar though. I remember in particular a group with whom we shared this love for music and the typical dreams of youth; the brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen. I still cant believe that such famous musicians have come out of my own neighborhood."


Vogel Guitars

Custom Shop

Have a dream, Vogel crystallizes in the instrument always craved, elaborate bass, guitars and requintos under your specifications, materials and parts, go ahead, start now

Workshop & Repair

Vogel Guitars is always thinking of you! This is why we offer you the Maintenance & repair Shop for guitars and guitar related items with complete and guaranteed support. (We also service other brand
  • Electric guitars, acoustics and electric bass adjusment
  • Intonation Setup
  • Active and pasive wiring repair
  • Pickup replacement (electric guitars and basses)
  • Equalizer replacement
  • etc...
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